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On The Road Again

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On The Road Again

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On The Road Parts 1,2,3

On The Road Parts 1,2,3

Pairing: J/P and R/G (implied)

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 7,500

Summary: In the early years, around 1963. I got the idea from reading Beatles anthology, the first bit about the van was actually true, except for the dirty part (well, who really knows, I guess we can all dream can’t we?), they did have to pile on top of each other with a bottle of whiskey (the words of George himself). On with the story then.

I’ve submitted this in three different parts at beatlesslash, but ‘im just combining them all into one to post them here at johnheartpaul


“Shot gun front seat!” George yelled, rushing towards the passenger door, John ran after him and grabbed his shoulder, shoving him away.
“I’m older than you, I get front.” George grimaced at John and stormed away, helping Paul, Ringo, and Neil with the equipment.
It was a crummy little van, two seats in the front and a bench seat in the back. Paul emerged from the house, helping Ringo load the drum kit into the back of the van He looked at John, sitting triumphantly in the front seat, he stuck his tongue out at him.
“Oh grow up Lennon.”
Neil emerged from the house.
“Right. We have to be in London tomorrow, then on Friday we’ll be off to Elgin, we’ll be there for a day, then on Sunday we’re expected in Portsmouth. We’ll be driving straight to London, so go to the loo now.”
George grinned and jumped into the back seat, Paul climbed in next to him.
“Just a second.” Ringo turned and went back into the house.
“He needs to use the loo.” John said, turning round to face Paul and George, Paul chuckled, George scowled, still angry at John for stealing his spot.
Neil climbed into the driver’s seat and turned the van on. Ringo ran out of the house, a brown box in his arms.
“What’ve you got there Ritchie?” George inquired, pointing at the box as Ringo placed it in-between the front and back seat.
“It’ll be a long, cold trip, so I figured we’d better have some necessary items to help sustain ourselves.” He grinned, closing the van door and taking his seat beside George. Paul reached forwards and opened the box; it was full of whiskey and cigarettes.
“We definitely need this.” Paul said, in a not-so-enthusiastic voice. John turned back to look at the box and grabbed a box of cigarettes.
“It’s all I need.” He grinned, lighting his cigarette and rolling down the van window. The cold winter breeze filled the van.
“Shut it!” George yelled, shivering. John blew smoke out the window and rolled it up, sitting back in his seat, taking a long drag.
It didn’t take long before the cold really started to set in, there was no insulation in the van to keep the air out, and the side door was loose, letting in the cold air. The road ahead of them was long and bumpy, there was thick fog covering it, and ice settled on the deserted countryside around them. The amplifiers and luggage slid around in the back of the van, and so did Paul, George, and Ringo. The hit one surprisingly large bump, sending them all flying to the right, slamming into Paul, who was squished up against the side of the van.
“Ow!” he grunted at George pushed up against him.
“Sorry boys, I can hardly see a thing in this fog.” Neil said, looking back at them apologetically.
John had fallen asleep, a cigarette burning in his hand. Paul reached forward and snatched it from him, bringing it to his own lips.
“Paul…” George said, disgusted.
“Hey, we can’t have it going to waste now can we?” Paul grinned, puffing hungrily at it.
“I’m so c-cold.” Ringo said, attempting to curl up, and shoving George closer to Paul.
“Ringo there’s no room for that…” George started as Ringo leant up against him, trying to take his warmth. George reached forwards and grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the box.
“I can tell we’re going to be needing this.” George said, opening the bottle and taking the first of many drinks to come during that trip. He passed it to Ringo, who took it appreciatively, letting the hot sensation of the liquor warm his body. Paul then took it, taking his fair share of the alcohol. Soon they were all giggling and smoking, trying to take their minds off the horrible cold. Neil crouched over the steering wheel, coats and blankets piled onto him, trying to keep his mind on the road. John slept peacefully, his hat pulled over his eyes, he shivered slightly in his sleep and Neil tossed a blanket over him.
Paul, George, and Ringo huddled together under a single blanket, attempting to absorb as much warmth as possible from each other.


Night came, and the effects of the alcohol began to wear off as the crippling cold set in. Paul found himself getting closer and closer to George, to the point that he was almost on top of him, Ringo was so cold now that George had to practically be on top of him to keep him from freezing. Empty bottles rattled around on the floor as the van continued to hit bumps, making them bash into each other.
“Boys I’m going to have to pull over soon, I can barely keep my eyes open. There hasn’t been any sign of life for miles; I think we’ll have to spend the night in the van.” Neil said with defeated tone in his voice.
“How are we all going to sleep on this tiny little seat?” George said, squished between the two older men.
“Well, we’ll drive a little further and see if we can find some sort of accommodation, just try not to freeze to death in the mean time. To bad we can’t all be like Johnny boy here and just go into hibernation.” Neil smiled.
“Yea, he’s a real bear.” Paul grinned, adjusting himself.


They continued to drive down the road, searching for a hotel. Eventually they found themselves in a bit of a Beatle-sandwich. Ringo lay happily on the bottom of the pile, George in the middle, and Paul on top, each in turn taking a much needed drink from their second whiskey bottle. Soon Paul began to get so cold that hypothermia almost set in, they moved around and placed him on the bottom, Ringo moving up to the middle, and George now assuming his place on top of the pile. They used their body warmth to keep each other alive, and as they drove on they couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit more than just for survival.
They moved around again, letting George onto the bottom, Paul blushed as George lay beneath him, their faces awkwardly close to each other. They looked into each other’s eyes momentarily, but quickly darted away. Paul wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol, or maybe it way the bumpy road caused George and Ringo to both rub up against him, but being in the middle of Beatle-sandwich seemed to really get to him, in more ways than one. He could feel his trousers grow tight, and he immediately felt the urge to get out of the position he was in, the thought of George or Ringo noticing was too much to bear.
“It’s feeling a little crowded back here, I think I’m going to try to climb up into the front seat with the old bear if he’ll let me.” Paul said, feeling his face grow hot as Ringo let him up. He shifted forwards awkwardly and tapped John lightly on the shoulder. John shivered slightly and stretched, lifting a lazy hand to wipe the sleep from his eyes and tip his hat up.
“Have a nice sleep John?” Paul said, smiling at his best mate.
“Sure, fucking freezing though.” He said roughly.
“It’s getting a bit cramped in the back seat, mind if I share with you? Neil says we might have to be sleeping in here, and there’s no way all three of us can sleep back there.” Paul explained. John looked back at the giggly George and Ringo, who moved closer together in the back seat.
“I see what you mean, well, I suppose you can sleep up here, just keep your drunken hands to yourself.” John said, smirking playfully. Paul raised his eyebrow at John, then climbed forwards into the front seat, settling beside him uncomfortably. John pulled his blanket over himself and turned away from Paul; he tipped his hat back over his eyes and resumed a sleeping position. Paul shivered in the cold air, almost longing for the warmth of the backseat, he wished John wouldn’t be so bitter all the time, but of all the people in the world that Paul could spend a freezing night with, he was the one. Paul pondered at that thought for a moment, wondering why it was this man, and why it was a man. He let his thoughts wander from one thing to another and soon he found himself falling asleep, facing John and resting his head gently on the back of his shoulder.
George and Ringo held each other closely on the back seat, huddling together, each happy to have the other’s warmth and company. They rotated positions occasionally, switching from top to bottom when the one on top became too cold to move, just as they had with Paul in the picture, although now they seemed to be enjoying it a bit more.
“Boys I’m sorry, I can’t find a hotel anywhere, we’re going to have to pull over here, unless you want me falling asleep and driving us off the road. You all seem like you’re doing alright anyways. Neil said, first eying John and Paul, then looking back at George and Ringo, who jumped away from each other quickly. He looked at them suspiciously.
“Alright then, well, get some shut eye, you have a few gigs to play tomorrow, on Friday you have the first half of the day to yourselves, then we’ll be going to Elgin, then Portsmouth, you know the drill.” Neil took one last apprehensive look at them al then turned away, burying himself under his coats and blankets and dozing off to sleep.
George and Ringo continued to giggle into the night until sleep overwhelmed them, leaving them all to their dreams.


Neil awoke first the next morning to the sounds of cars driving by, he looked at the sleeping boys, noting the way George and Ringo had continued to hold each other through the night, and how John had turned to face Paul, and now had his arms wrapped around him. He shook it off, convincing himself that it was just a very cold night. He opened the van door and proceeded to scrape the ice off of the window. When he finished he climbed back into the van and started it up, proceeding down the road, within twenty minutes they entered a small town, with a hotel and a restaurant. Neil sighed, deciding that he would tell the boys that he had driven for hours before they woke up. He pulled into a little gas station/diner and woke them all up.
“C’mon boys, go get some food in your bellies, we’ll be in London in an hour, and you have some shows to do.”
They all stirred uneasily, stretching and wiping sleep from their eyes. Ringo yawned loudly and George giggled at him. Paul groaned as John sat up.
“Ow… my head…” he clutched his hand to his forehead.
“Don’t worry Paulie; a little rock and roll will cure that right up.” John said, grinning. Neil sighed,
“Best get him some aspirin too.”
“He’ll be alright. Won’t you Paulie?” John yelled.
“Don’t talk so loud!” Paul grunted as they all stumbled out of the van sleepily, heading for the diner. Neil filled the van up and called after them.
“Go ahead and order, I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Right-o” George called back.
They all entered the diner; the waitresses quickly flocked to them, asking questions,
“How do the always know? It’s like they have rock star radar.” George asked quietly after they managed to order themselves some food.
“Heh, yea, rock star radar, you should patent that Georgey.” Ringo grinned at him.
The girls giggled at them from the corner, watching them.
“Holen Sie mir meine Nahrung!” John yelled at them, pounding his fist on the table, they squealed and continued chattering, obviously not understanding him.
The boys continued talking amongst themselves, their food eventually got there and they were soon joined by Neil.
“So how far did you drive this morning Neil?” John managed to mumble through a mouthful of potatoes.
“Oh, well, just a few hours.” He said hesitantly. John looked at a clock on the wall. 10:00.
“There is no way that you got up any earlier than 9:00, Neil.”
“I couldn’t sleep.” He protested.
“Alright, we believe you.”


They soon found themselves in London; they managed to get a room and a half, one room with one double bed, and another room that resembled a closet with a single bed. Neil left the four boys to share the double bed, and proceeded to his closet after locking the equipment in the van.
“You have two hours to adjust yourselves and get ready, you can go off and explore, just make sure to be back by 2:00.” He instructed, leaving the room.
“What a horrid place.” Ringo said, bouncing on the creaky bed, springs jutting out in various places. John picked up a sheet and sniffed it, then pushed it away, repulsed.
“I wonder if they’ve ever washed this.” George picked at the peeling wall paper in the corner.
“You’d think that out of all the hotels in London there’d be one better than this.”
“Neil said they were all full, and this one was closet to the places we’re playing in.” Paul said, sitting down beside Ringo. John approached the window and looked outside.

“Well boys, let’s make the best of our two hours.” John turned back to them, grinning.
“What are we going to do?” Paul asked, standing up.
“I’m tired.” Ringo said, yawning.
“Well I was thinking we could all go out and see the sites.”
“Sounds good to me.” Paul smiled, almost too enthusiastically at John, who raised his eyebrow in reply.
“I think I’d rather try and get some shut eye before the show, and I know that I won’t be getting any later tonight with all four of us in this tiny bed.”
“I agree with Ringo,” George sat down beside him on the bed.
“Fine then, you two stay here, and Paulie and I will go see the sites.” John turned for the door, Paul behind him. Paul stopped and looked back at the two on the bed,
“You two can stop grinning like idiots; I know what you’re thinking.” Paul said as soon as John had left.
“Bye Paul!” They both waved, ignoring Paul’s suspicions. Paul sighed and walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

John was already skipping down the road, cigarette already lit; he blew smoke at the sky and looked back at Paul, jogging after him.
“Wait John.” He said, running up beside him.
“I am waiting, besides, you could use the exercise.” John patted Paul’s stomach.
“Hey! My stomach’s flatter than yours.”
“Must be, you get all the birds. Not that you care.” John smirked.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“That was not nothing.”
“Well, I have noticed recently, particularly last night that you’re a bit of a…” John trailed off.
“A what?” Paul said, fear growing in his eyes, but in his voice there was clear anger.
“A fairy. To put it lightly.” John said, stopping and facing Paul.
“A what? Where the hell did you get that from?” Paul said, anger growing in his voice.
“Well, the fact that your fucking dick was poking me in the back all night…”
“I…” Paul stopped. What could he say to that? So many thoughts ran through his head at that moment.
“Fuck you John!”
“I’d bet you’d like to.” John said, still smirking.
Paul couldn’t hold it back anymore, tears started to swell in his eyes, how could John be so insensitive? He turned around quickly and ran, just ran, back to the hotel, away from John.
“Paul wait!” John chased after him. He didn’t really mean it, he was just playing. Why was it that everything he ever said came out so wrong.
Paul ran back to the hotel and threw open the door, John ran up beside him and grabbed his arm, turning him around to face him.
“Paul stop.” John looked right into his eyes, holding his arm tightly.
“What is it? Not done being an asshole?” Paul said, glaring.
“I’m sorry Paul, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I…” John stopped and looked up into the hotel room.
“What?” Paul asked, looking up at the expression of shock on John’s face.
“Looks like you’re not the only one.” John said slowly, a slight smile growing on his face.
“What?” Paul turned around and looked into the hotel. There was Ringo and George, buck naked, tangled in the sheets. They looked up at Paul and John, fear in their eyes.
“Sorry boys, We didn’t know we were interrupting something…” John said. Paul looked at them in shock.
“Um, do you two mind getting the FUCK out of here?” George glared, Ringo laughed, and John and Paul couldn’t help but join in.
“Sorry, don’t bother explaining, and uh, we’ll be on our way.” John said, pulling Paul out of the room and closing the door behind them.
They walked away from the door in silence, Paul looked at his feet, John strode awkwardly beside him. They walked for a few blocks before John stopped. Paul continued looking down, but stopped as well; John moved in front of him and placed his hands on his shoulders.
“Look at me Paul.” He said, in the voice John only ever used around Paul. The voice was kind, it was free of sarcasm, and all of the guards John always put up. Paul hesitated, then lifted his head slowly, his eyes glistened with tears, he tried his hardest to hold them back.
“Paul don’t cry, I didn’t mean it, its okay… I was just playing… I don’t want you to be mad, Paul please don’t… Paul…” John begged him, his hands placed firmly on Paul’s shoulders. Paul sighed, he knew John didn’t mean to be hurtful, he was just so afraid; would things ever be the same between the two of them now? Would John ever really accept him? The way John reacted had seemed to just crush him, he really loved John, and now he was almost sure that John would never love him back. Tears rolled down his cheeks as the thought crossed his mind.
“No Paul…” John pulled him towards him, hugging him tightly, Paul sobbed into his shoulder.
“I’m so sorry Paul…”
“It’s not you John… It’s me…” Paul sobbed, pulling back away from him. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve. That was the first time John had ever really looked at Paul, it was then that he realized how much he really cared about him, he didn’t want him to cry, he wanted him to be happy.
“There’s nothing wrong with you Paul, you’re perfect no matter what. Please don’t cry, I’m supposed to be the sad, bitter bastard, not you.” John smiled, turning his head to get a better look at Paul, longing to see him smile. Paul looked up at John; he couldn’t help but smile back. No matter what John would always be his friend, and even if he never loved him back he would still be there for him, and to Paul that was alright.
“C’mon Paul, let’s put it behind us and go see the city, we’ve on got about an hour before the first show.” John said, leading Paul down the road, he pulled out another cigarette, and lit one for Paul, handing it to him.
“I wonder what Ringo and George are up to.” Paul snickered.
“You know, I never thought they were like that. I never really thought you were either.”
“Well, you never really know with anyone. And speaking of fairies, when we woke up in the morning why was it that your arm was so conveniently wrapped around me?” Paul said, raising his eyebrow at John. John blushed.
“Well, it was cold and all, and you were shivering, so I felt bad.” John said, rolling his eyes.
“Well, I was cold too… us mates have to stick together when it gets cold.”
“Yea I guess so, Ringo and George sure did, and you saw them.” Paul smirked, John continued to blush.
“What are you trying to say?”
“Hey, you brought it up.” Paul looked away sheepishly; he wasn’t quite sure where he wanted that conversation to end up. He always felt more for John than just lust; he loved him, if only he could tell him.
“Don’t try and end it there McCartney. What are you trying to say? You want to go off and shag? Is that it?”
“No, that’s not it. You have no idea what you’re talking about John, not everything’s about sex.”
“Oh? Then what’s it about Paulie?” John said, not completely oblivious to how he wanted that question to end.
“Love John. Fucking love. I fucking love you. That’s what it’s about.”
At that moment everything John was feeling stopped. Love? Paul loved him? He was his best mate, and John had always cared about him, and he knew Paul cared back, but he had never related anything like that to love.
Paul stared at John, expecting, hoping to see some sort of emotion, John’s face remained blank. Every moment that passed felt like an eternity, why did he have to say that? Everything could’ve stayed the same, but no, he had to go and make it all different.
John searched his mind for something to say, and he just let out what he felt, no more thinking, no more right or wrong. It was what he felt.
“I love you too Paul.” John stared right into Paul’s eyes when he said it, he meant it. The two stood there, in the middle of the road, neither of them knowing what else to say, it was all out in the open now. They stared into each other’s eyes, never loosing contact
“Well, we should go back to the hotel.” Paul said, looking away, hoping to break the awkwardness of the moment.
“Yea, let’s just hope George and Ringo have finished up.” John laughed, and so did Paul, relieved to realize that everything was still the same.
They walked down the road, chatting like everything was alright, and it was, because nothing really changed.


When they got back to the hotel room they made sure to knock first, they entered the room and George and Ringo were both dressed, (much to their disappointment) and they all got ready to go. Neil came round to get them.
“Alright boys, get in the van, we’re playing the three shows all in a row, and we’ll be out of here by 9:00 tonight. You’ll have a few breaks in between.”
“It’s going to be a long night.”
“Shot-gun front seat!” George yelled again, making sure this time to jump into the front before John could push his way in.
“Hey Georgey can I sit on your lap?” Ringo asked playfully. Neil raised his eye brows so high that it looked as they would lift off of his head. Paul and John laughed, then climbed into the back.
“Right. It’s not far from here. Let’s go.”
Neil started the van and they drove off to the first place.


After playing a their first show the sound of the girls was getting deafening. They boys retreated into their dressing room, trying to escape for a moment.
Paul drank a few glasses of water and collapsed into a nearby chair.
“I am so tired; I sure hope we get more rest tomorrow than we did last night.”
“Yea, too bad all four of us have to share that puny little bed.” George said, sighing.
“Well, two of us could sleep in the van.” John suggested.
“It’ll be so bloody cold out there!” Ringo shivered just thinking about it.
Paul wiped a drop of sweat from his brow.
“Right now the cold is looking pretty good.” John turned to him and grinned.
“Why don’t we sleep out there? Then we can make George and Ringo do our laundry if we let them have the bed.”
“Hey! I don’t want to do your laundry.” George grumbled.
“Well, give us the bed then, you had it all to yourselves today.” John smirked. Paul blushed, he’d slept in a bed alone with John many times before, but now it seemed so much different.
“Fine. But you still have to do my laundry.”
“Boys get back out there!” Neil instructed.
“We’re going!”

The boys ran out of the club, girls everywhere, they piled into the van and drove off quickly. They pulled around the corner, loosing the crowd.
“I’m absolutely finished.” Paul said, dropping his head onto John’s shoulder.
“Me too.”
“Completely beat.”
“How bout you Ringo?” George asked, leaning forward to look at Ringo in the front seat.
“He’s sleeping already.”
“Damn? What’s that about Harrison?”
“Uh, Nothing.”
John and Paul exchanged a look, then started giggling.
“Shut it you two.”
They pulled into the hotel and piled out, George started to follow.
“Where do you think you’re going? You two are sleeping in the van?” John said, smirking.
George scowled.
“I need to get our clothes.”
“Your clothes are in your suitcases in the van.”
“No, our other clothes.”
“The ones you left all over the floor?” Paul smiled naughtily.
“Well go on, go get your knickers off the floor, we’re tired and we’d like to go to bed.”
George proceeded into the room and emerged from the room carrying a large bundle of clothes.
“We have tomorrow to ourselves, so we’ll be sleeping in till about noon, don’t disturb us.” John said, still unable to wipe the huge grin from his face.
“Don’t forget to hang your neck-tie on the door.” Ringo had awoken and called from out from the van.
“Same applies to you, and watch out for the creeping fan girls.”
“Goodnight George, Ringo.” John tipped his hat to them, then entered the hotel room.
“Night.” Paul waved to them and followed John.
“Night.” George and Ringo replied in unison.
“Goodnight boys,” Neil left them, into his so called room. (closet).
John emerged momentarily from the room, his neck tie in his hand; he tied it round the door handle and slammed the door.

Paul removed his shirt and trousers, then climbed into the bed. John turned round and moved towards the bed, removing his own shirt and trousers. He sat on the corner of the bed for a moment, looking at the floor. Paul admired him, he was so perfect.
“Paul…” John started, unsure of how he wanted to finish.
“Yes John?” Paul sat up, worried. He leant forward, trying to look at John’s face.
John smiled. He reached his hand out and placed it on Paul’s.
“Just how tired are you?” He grinned naughtily, Paul giggled in response.
“Well…” Paul smiled, leaning back on the headboard.
John’s smile broadened, he scooted closer to Paul, leaning against the headboard as well. They sat shoulder to shoulder, each lost in their own thoughts. John tilted his head and placed it on Paul’s shoulder affectionately. Paul grinned down at him and kissed the top of John’s head, inhaling the sweet yet foreign scent of the other man. John lifted his head and looked into Paul’s eyes, studying him warily, his expression now serious, studying Paul’s. Paul shifted uneasily and looked away, but John raised his free hand and placed it on Paul’s cheek, bringing his eyes back to meet his own.
“I love you Paul.”
“I love you too John,” Paul’s heart jumped as he leant in, John’s lips meeting his own, the rough stubble on John’s cheek brushing his own. It was so foreign and strange, but nothing in Paul’s life had ever felt so right. The kiss was innocent, and they broke away, both blushing. John beamed at Paul, his hand still cupping his cheek; he caressed him gently and trailed it down Paul’s neck, shoulder, then rested it on his side. Paul tipped his head against the headboard sleepily, studying John, he slowly slid down the headboard and flopped onto his pillow, John looked down at him, grinning.
“I guess you are tired.” John smiled and lay down gently beside him, tracing tiny circles on Paul’s stomach and chest, enthralled by how different it seemed.
“I’m not that tired.” Paul grinned, trying desperately to seem as awake as possible.
“Oh really?” John looked up at him, the mischievous look once again growing on his face. He absently trailed his fingers up and down Paul’s chest and stomach, moving them over his belly button. Paul shivered at his touch, unable to avoid the feeling it was giving him. He reached his hand up and began playing with John’s hair, eventually pulling him towards him again. Their lips met more quickly this time, all the hesitations they once felt now lost. John kissed Paul lovingly, breaking away and returning, almost teasing his lips, until he couldn’t bring himself away any longer. The kisses began to grow more passionate as Paul opened his mouth, allowing John to slip his tongue inside; he lifted himself over Paul, who gripped lovingly at his sides, pulling him into him. The strange feeling became overwhelming to John, the wonderful scent and taste and feel of Paul controlled him, and he could hardly hold himself back. Paul began to pant, gripping John’s shorts as he began to rub against him. Paul let out a slight moan as he felt John’s erection rub against his own. It was so extraordinary, and it was something he never would’ve imagined. John paused, looking down at Paul, suddenly aware of everything that was happening. Paul’s cheeks flushed, his eyes were glazed, John smiled, admiring his beauty. He leant down and kissed him calmly, then placed several light kisses along his jaw and collarbone. Paul was amazed by John’s tenderness, and how exposed and kind he seemed. He didn’t have his defensive, tough image; it was at this moment, where it was just the two of them, that he was really himself.
John resumed kissing Paul’s lips tenderly, absorbing every part of him. His hands explored Paul’s body as he rubbed himself against him, letting the feeling rush over him. The familiar sound of Paul now expressed in moans overwhelmed him, and he picked up speed, wanting it more. John trailed his hand down Paul’s chest, stomach, then found the top of his shorts, he began to slip his hand inside, sliding his fingers just along the inside of his shorts. Paul jumped up, suddenly so aware and unsure of what he was doing, and of John. John looked up at him, surprised, he removed his hand.
“I’m sorry Paul, I should’ve asked.”
“No, it’s alright, I mean, you don’t have to do that.”
John smiled and kissed Paul again, making him melt almost instantly.
“It’s alright Paul; I’d do anything for you.” John continued kissing Paul’s neck and collarbone. Paul shook as he felt John’s hand enter his shorts once again. John moved his hand along the side of Paul’s thigh, and then cross over to the other; he slowly moved his fingers in a circle just above Paul’s erection. John watched Paul’s face the whole time, smiling at his anticipation. His eyes fluttered as John slowly moved a single finger down Paul’s shaft, then wrapped his fingers around the base, making Paul jump again. He slid his hand upwards along the shaft leisurely, sending a wave of tingles over Paul’s body. John smiled and continued kissing Paul’s cheeks and neck, inhaling his scent and whispering softly as he steadily moved his hand up and down Paul’s erection. Paul’s breathing began to pick up, his body rose and fell with John’s hand, he bucked up as John drew his hand away, longing for him to gain speed.
John lay casually beside him, smiling as he watched, he continued stroking him gradually. Soon he had removed Paul’s shorts and began to pick up speed, biting Paul’s ear gently as he panted softly beside him. John moved his own hand idly towards his pulsing erection, unable to wait any longer. He began stroking himself along with Paul. Paul became aware of this as he heard John’s breathing hasten, he reached downwards and pushed John’s hand away, replacing it with his own. He rolled over onto his side to face him, gaining speed with every stroke.
Everything around them seemed to blend into one, and they became completely unaware of it all. All that mattered at that moment was the other. Paul began to shake as he moaned into John’s mouth, their lips meeting, they both began to buck simultaneously, white light surrounded them as they came together, kissing frantically as they emptied into each other’s hands. They sighed as the pulled away, collapsing.
John watched Paul, his breathing slowing; he twirled his fingers through Paul’s hair, playing with it.
“You look so beautiful right now Paulie,” John smiled lovingly at him. Paul smiled, opening his eyes slightly. He moved closer to John and pressed his head against his chest, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist.
“I love you John.” John wrapped his arms around Paul, kissing the top of his head gently.
“I love you too Paulie.”


John awoke suddenly to a loud banging on the door, his arms were still wrapped around Paul, and he couldn’t help but stop to look at him before getting up to answer the door. He picked up a shirt off the floor and covered himself with it, walking towards the door and opening it slowly, squinting at the person on the other side, along with the bright sunlight.
“What is it?” John grunted. It was Neil, looking quite shocked at the appearance of the almost more than half-naked John.
“Um, sorry to wake you John, but uh…” His eyes widened as he glanced into the room at the sleeping Paul, splayed across the bed on his stomach, completely naked. Neil coughed and looked away quickly, trying not to imagine what had happened the night before. “Yes, um, we have to go, its noon, and we’re expected in Elgin.” He kept his eyes looking straight into John’s, he grew paler by the minute, and John couldn’t help but grin.
“Alright Neil, we’ll be out in a minute.” John glanced at the van, sighing at the sight of the giggling George and Ringo. George smiled and gave John the thumbs up, and Ringo continued laughing.
“Wankers.” John muttered and re-entered the hotel room, slamming the door firmly behind him. He slowly dressed himself, gathering his clothes from random places around the bedroom. He packed up all of his and Paul’s things, folding Paul’s clothes and placing them gently on the corner of the bed. He let Paul sleep as long as possible, stopping occasionally to admire him. He approached the bed and placed his hand on his shoulder gently.
“Paulie, it’s time to go.” John whispered. Paul jumped up, looking around the room, and smiling when he saw John. Then he realized how he was sleeping.
“Ah!” He grabbed the blankets and pulled them over himself.
“Paul don’t be silly, first of all, I saw almost more than that last night, and secondly, you have nothing I don’t have, and last but not least, I like it.” John grinned, and Paul couldn’t help but laugh. He dressed quickly and they soon emerged from the room, laughing, and smiling, almost trying too hard to look innocent.
“Hey my tie!” John laughed, grabbing his neck tie from the door handle and wrapping it around his head like a bandana. They all clambered into the van, fighting over spots, eventually Ringo managed to fight his way to the front seat, looking back longingly at George. Paul sat in the middle, separating John and George. John grinned and whispered into Paul’s ear, making him break out into laughter. George glared, and began talking to Ringo. Neil climbed into the van and started it, pulling out of the drive way.
“Alright boys, we’re headed all the way to Elgin today, it’ll be a long drive, so I hope you have some way of entertaining yourselves.” John grinned, and Neil went red,
“Well I think we can find something to do.” John placed his hand on Paul’s knee, making him jump. Neil’s eyes widened and he turned away, keeping his eyes glued to the road. Paul giggled nervously, John’s hand still placed firmly on his knee. John pulled a cigarette out of his pocket with his free hand, placing it in his mouth, then lighting it. Paul watched the smoke swirl through the air, longingly looking at John’s lips as he inhaled. John grinned, noticing Paul’s enchantment.
“Would you like a fag Paulie?” John said seductively.
“Yes, please.” Paul still looked fondly at John’s lips.
“I meant a ciggy.”
“Oh, sure.” John laughed, handing Paul his cigarette and pulling another from his pocket. Paul inhaled, his eye lashes fluttering, John watched him, grinning. George and Ringo continued talking, George occasionally glaring back at John and Paul.


George dosed off and Ringo glanced out of the front window, watching the first few flakes of snow begin to fall from the sky. It was late in the afternoon, and they had been driving for several hours. Neil hunched over the wheel, the endless stretch of road continuing for what seemed like forever. Paul fidgeted in his seat, John had his armed wrapped around his shoulders. The van had become quite cold and John draped a blanket over both of them, holding Paul closely. Paul shivered and turned to look at John, who met his eyes, smiling devilishly.
“What’s that look for?” Paul looked at him curiously.
“Oh, nothing, I’m just thinking.”
“More like plotting.” Paul scooted away from John, looking back at him playfully. John pulled him back, accidentally knocking him forwards onto his lap. Paul pushed himself up, making sure to place his hand strategically on John’s crotch to help lift himself. He withdrew his hand and placed it innocently on his own knee, facing forward like nothing had happened. John glanced momentarily at George, he was fast asleep, a blanket pulled over his head. Ringo and Neil’s eyes were glued to the road.
“Bad boy.” John hissed into Paul’s ear, kissing his neck gently. Paul shivered as John placed his hand firmly on Paul’s crotch.
“John… not around everyone…” Paul said nervously as John began to rub his crotch gently.
“Oh… it’s alright Paulie, they won’t notice.” He continued to rub Paul through his trousers, kissing his neck gently.
“John..!” Paul squeaked as he felt himself grow quite hard, John’s hand continually rubbing him, the sensation of the cotton sending shivers up his spine.
The blanket over them completely concealed John’s actions as he gradually unzipped and unbuttoned Paul’s pants, occasionally glancing at the others to see if they had noticed anything. John slipped Paul out of his trousers and continued rubbing him through his shorts, making him whimper slightly. His cheeks flushed and his eyes glazed over. John kissed him once more and slipped him back inside his trousers, buttoning them up and withdrawing his hand.
“John!” Paul yelled, making Ringo jump and turn around to see what was going on. George bolted awake, looking around sleepily.
“What’s wrong Paul? You look a little flushed.” Ringo said, concerned.
“Yea, Paul what’s wrong?” John teased, Paul glared at him.
“Oh, nothing, I’m just, uh, feeling a little sick.”
“Oh, that’s not very good; we can’t have you performing sick! Do you want me to pull over at the next rest stop? I think there’s one coming up, we can get you something…” Neil said, glancing back.
“Yea, I think you’d better Neil, we don’t want ickle Paulie getting sicky all over your van.” John mimicked.
“Alright then, just a little further, I hope you can hold it Paulie.”
“Yea…” Paul sighed, trying to make his thoughts stray from the aching erection in his trousers. It would be too obvious when they got out of the van, but despite his efforts John wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. He placed his hand gently back onto Paul’s crotch, rubbing just gently enough to tease him. He shifted, thinking the most unattractive thoughts he could try to imagine, but John kept popping back into his head.
“Alright, here, go do what you need to do.” Neil said, pulling the van over into a tiny rest stop.
“I’ll go with him to make sure he’s alright.” John said, opening the van door and pushing the dazed Paul out, who tried desperately to cover his erection.
“We’ll wait here then.” George said, beckoning for Ringo to climb into the back seat with him. Neil shifted uneasily and looked around.
“I think I’m going to go buy some things.” He stepped out of the van and headed for the small store.

John led Paul over to the single bathroom at the side of the building, pushing him inside.
“A little primitive isn’t this John?” Paul said, looking around at the dismal bathroom.
“I guess you’ll just have to survive, besides, it looks cleaner than our hotel room last night.” John put the lid down on the toilet seat and pushed Paul down onto it.
“Oh come on John… a rest stop bathroom?” John unzipped Paul’s trousers and kneeled in front of him.
“John, you don’t have to do that, uh, the others are going to be waiting…”
“They’ll wait, because I can’t.” John said, slipping Paul’s trousers down onto the floor and removing him from his shorts, he gripped him firmly and leant forward, breathing lightly onto his soft skin.
“Ah… ah... John… uh…” Paul couldn’t find it in himself to finish as John began stroking him gently. He kissed the tip of Paul’s erection, then down the front of the shaft; Paul shuddered, glancing down at John. He licked around the head and then slipped him into his mouth, still stroking the base he slipped his mouth down, and placed his free hand on the side of Paul’s thigh, rubbing it gently. John glanced up into Paul’s flickering eyes, keeping eye contact with him the whole time.
“Oh...god… John…” Paul panted as John went faster, he tilted his head back, letting his body take over, bucking into John’s mouth, he placed one of his hands on the back of John’s head, steadying himself and running his fingers delicately through John’s hair. John began to hum lightly, and Paul could barely contain himself, he began to shake, thrusting so hard into John’s mouth he had to hold his hips down. Paul blanked out, tipping his head back and moaning as he came into John’s mouth. John swallowed in shock, never thinking he would ever be in this situation. He tucked Paul back into his shorts, helping him get his trousers back on.
“Good god John… where did you learn to do that?” Paul said, still breathing heavily.
“Oh, don’t know you know? I have a college degree in it.” John laughed, cleaning himself off in the sink and escorting Paul out of the bathroom.
“Yes, I majored in it.”
“I see.” They both began to laugh, walking back to the van.
“Alright, act sick.” John said, opening the van door to reveal George and Ringo, kissing heavily on the back seat, Neil was no where to be seen.
“Good god, every time we leave you two have to go at it don’t you?” John said sarcastically, glaring at the two giggling lovers, who had momentarily ceased their actions.
“Well you two never give us any privacy.” George said, lifting himself off of Ringo’s lap and moving over.
“Yea, the least you could do is knock.”
“Just get back to your seat Ringo.” John said, still glaring. George turned and looked at the sleepy Paul, his face still flushed.
“Wow, he must be really sick, maybe he should get the front seat.”
“No way am I sitting back here with you two.”
“That’s right.”
“Oh yea, don’t forget, you still have to do our laundry.”
John shuddered.
“Whatever, Ringo get out of my seat.”
Paul and John both climbed in, Paul tipping his head sleepily onto John’s shoulder. John leant over, whispering gently into Paul’s ear.
“Yea, get your sleep now, cause you’re not getting any later.” John grinned and rested his head on top of Paul’s, the two of them drifting off to sleep.
  • Jude

    Oh, This is wonderful!!!
    I loved it, really.

    Forgive me for my bad (very bad) english, I speak spanish and I am learning english.

    You're great!!.

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