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The Psychadelic Breakfast

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The Psychadelic Breakfast

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The Psychedelic Breakfast

Title: The Psychedelic Breakfast
Pairing: Syd Barrett/Roger Waters, mention Roger/David
Rating: NC-17, mention of sex and drug use.
Slash: yes
Description: my first Pink Floyd slash, just a quick little bit, I haven’t written slash in months, so this’ll give me a bit of a jump start.

“Syd… come on now, love, come back to me… Syd? Can you hear me?”
A soothing voice spoke out in the darkness. It was a man’s voice, and although he was unable to pin point its source, or the identity of its owner, it was somewhat familiar.
Syd’s mind was lost in shadow, not even a glisten of light broke through. As the man spoke he caught faint glimpses of colour, bursting before him, completely in rhythm with his words. Syd relaxed in the darkness, letting it hold him, he felt at peace there, warm and cradled in the loving arms of the night.
Syd strained to open his eyes, searching for the source of the gentle voice that continued to coax him out of his hiding place.
“Is there anybody out there?” He sent forth his words into the gloom, prying at the night air like a bat searching for its next meal.
“Yes, Syd, I’m here, come to me now.” He could sense the voice all around him; He attempted to stir his limbs into a weak attempt at finding the mysterious creature that shared the darkness with him. Syd groped at the shadows, and could not seem to find anything, not the floor beneath him, or the roof above him. It seemed that he was floating in mid air, yet the constant feeling of being held would not leave him.
“Come on; wake up love, open those pretty eyes, look at me now.” The voice seemed right above him at that instant, and he tried desperately to see the speaker.
As Syd opened his eyes the light burst upon him, it was almost shocking. Then, there above him, smiling down at him through those loving green eyes; was Roger.
“It’s about time, sleepy head. Have a nice dream?” Roger asked, in that deep voice that Syd loved so dearly.
“I suppose.” Syd said, through a stifled yawn, still feeling groggy.
Roger studied Syd. He was lovely man, smaller and more fragile in body than himself, but the appearance of his dark, messy hair, and deep eyes gave him a dark and brooding look, adding more to the mystery that was Syd.
Syd shuddered as he looked around the messy hotel room, clothes everywhere, things knocked over; it looked as if the place had been completely trashed. There were beer bottles and cigarettes all over the floor; it was no surprise that Syd couldn’t remember a thing from the previous night.
Roger’s arms gripped Syd tightly, their bare chests pressing together, Roger’s hair falling on his shoulders, framing his comical, but handsome face. The white hotel sheets were tangled about their bodies, and Syd had no doubt in his mind about what had happened between the two of them that night, all though he could not remember.
Roger began to laugh, still looking down at Syd, whose face had turned to a confused, yet slightly pleased expression.
“I’m guessing you don’t remember what happened last night either?” Roger grinned, still laughing. Syd began to blush.
“No, not at all, but judging by all this…” Syd started, pointing around the room, but couldn’t find the necessity to finish.
Syd licked his lips, the taste of booze, cigarettes, and pot lingered in it. He released himself from Roger’s arms and made his way to the small fridge.
Roger studied Syd as he walked over to it. He was completely naked, but seemed either to not notice, or not care. Roger realized that he was also quite exposed. He could not remember a thing from the night before, other than a stumbling, drunken stupor of memories, mainly triggered by the presence of all the things in his room. He knew that he and Syd must’ve had some sort of physical relations, and although that had never happened between them before, it did not seem to faze him, or Syd. There has always been a slight spark between them, although he’d never thought of it.
There were times when Roger and Dave might fool around, the fog of drugs undoubtedly clouding their minds, but they had none the less. Roger wondered what would happen if Dave were to find out.
Roger had never thought of himself as “gay”, he never even considered fooling around with Dave or Syd as anything abnormal, and the more he thought of it, the more he realized that it really wasn’t.
“Well, we have whiskey, and we have milk, well, I think that’s what it is, it looks a little curious, kinda lumpy.” Syd said, stifling a laugh as he rummaged through the fridge, desperate for something to wash away the unclean taste in his mouth. Roger laughed, breaking away from his train of thought. He looked around the room, and picked up a small foil wrapped chocolate from the bed stand.
“Oy, I’ve found some chocolate too, what a breakfast.” He laughed, un-wrapping it and popping it into his mouth. Syd turned to him and began to laugh, seeing the foil wrapping in Roger’s hand.
“Wut?” Roger asked, beginning to worry.
“That wasn’t just chocolate… that’s one of my, special chocolates” Syd laughed. “You’re gonna be out of you’re tree now.”
“Jesus, Syd, don’t you ever have anything that doesn’t have drugs in it?” Roger said, half laughing, half serious.
“No, not really,” Syd said, as he began cleaning a glass that he had found. He poured the questionable milk into it, and added the whiskey to it. “Toss me one of those would ya?” He asked, and Roger handed him one of the “chocolates”. Syd popped it into his mouth and then took the whole glass of milk. He shuddered.
“That was fucking disgusting.” Syd gagged.
“Well, serves you right for drinking anything in my room.” Roger said, laughing, he could hear his voice echoing throughout the room.
“Aw, no, it’s kicking in now.” He said, Syd laughed and Roger could feel it all around him. Syd approached the bed, his footsteps sounding like a heart-beat. He leapt onto Roger and pushed him down, straddling him, he hovered above him, they laughed manically, and everything grew dark. What happened afterwards, they could not remember.
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