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The Acid Queen



September 16th, 2006

(no subject)

I have brought icons, and some odd graphics, backgrounds, whatever you want to use the other stuff for...
I made all of these, so please credit, and tell me what you think! = )

The Who [7]
Pink Floyd [5]
The Beatles [3]

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Okay, this was my first project in my digital media class. It took me about a week, and at the begining of the class I knew nothing baout the program I was using. After much labour I produced this, and I love it to death. I had to draw the logo, and basically make everything except the photos by scratch. I hope you all enjoy this, and please credit!

August 29th, 2006


I'm going shopping with kyle and his mum today. I'm nervous. All the parents just foudn out that we've been... you know, because Kyle left a wrapper on his floor. Now my life is ruined.
But it's not all bad. We've been thinking of selling all our things and running away to Oregon to live with the hippies.
We're going to the converse store. I own six pairs, and I've never been there before, they have them all. I'll probably have a massive heart attack and try to buy them all. Or be there for hours.

August 15th, 2006

(no subject)

Okay, I'm feeling better.
I decided to watch the South park movie.
Yea, if the South Park movie doesn't make you happy, you REALLY need to get some drugs or something, or pull a stick outta your ass.
I <3 this fucking movie.

haha, foreign film from Canada.
I'm so foreign.

(no subject)

I left work at 2:30, my stomach hurts. I called Kyle and asked him to come over, he said he would, then a few minutes later he called and claimed he was too lazy to walk up here.
It's like now that we've been going out for 6 1/2 months suddenly he's not so eager to spend time with me.

Every tiny thing that happens to me seems to effect me in some huge way emotionally. I've got alot of built up anger and pain, and it's turned into depression, so even the tiniest thing can push into another spell. I can feel it comming on now.

I'm sick, I'm tired, i burnt my arm, I slammed my finger in the till, now Kyle doesn't want to hang out, I'm alone, so it looks like another one of those days.

I walked home on the train tracks today, the train came and for a moment something inside me kind of made me not want to move.

I've got to find a new way to cope...
For awhile I tried colouring, I've coloured tons
of pieces of paper entirely red, but it's stopped working. I'm not so keen on going back to my old ways, but if I don't find something new, that's what'll happen.

(no subject)

Aw man, When I woke up this morning I felt totally naucious, and everytime I stand up I feel like I'm gonna fall down. If that's not the worst of it I have to leave for work in 10 minutes. It's too soon to call in sick, maybe I ca go home from there... this really sucks.

To make matters worse, I showed Kyle the video of "My Generation - The Who" where at the end they smash their guitars, and then told him that I though Daltrey was a better singer than Plant. Big Mistake. So now Kyle hates The Who, and I've got no one to go to the concert with. So I'm not going.

It's a big dilemma, I'm gonna have about $1000 by the end of the summer, and I'm trying to buy a Les Paul and a new amp (!), the Ticket to The Who is $200, and that'll set me back for that goal. Plus, it's only Townshend and Daltrey, it's not like it's all of them, right? Like, it'd probably be different if it was all of them, I'd pay that kind of money, but I just don't know what to do....

So yea, the day's not going so well... Maybe if I can come home from work it might get a little better. I called Kyle's house to see if he'd come see me if I do go home, but he's in Duncan. Goddamnit world...

Well on another note, I found a hilarious little poem thing that I wrote in English.
We had to compare life to something in a metaphor. We needed a positive and a negative, my negative was hilarious. I compared life to a grapefruit.

Life is a grapefruit
Colourful, with a tough outer skin
You tear into it searching for the treasures within
You rip into it's flesh, only to find
Biterness and Deception, behind a bright yellow rind.

Haha. emo grapfruit poem. That cheered me up a little bit. Well. I've got to go to HELL now. I hate working at the ice cream parlour. it's stressful and disgusting...

August 12th, 2006


I've created these userpics for everyone to use as they wish...

Beatles/Paul+Linda - 5
Pink Floyd/Gilmour - 2
The Who - 2

Other Accounts

You can find more information about me and my work at

http://www.nexopia.com user - themadcap
http://www.deviantart.com user - syntheticapple
http://www.livejournal.com user - ichbinderwalrus

I am available for contact at syntheticapple@hotmail.com

- Mandy, a.k.a Daily Records

On The Road Again

On The Road Parts 1,2,3

On The Road Parts 1,2,3

Pairing: J/P and R/G (implied)

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 7,500

Summary: In the early years, around 1963. I got the idea from reading Beatles anthology, the first bit about the van was actually true, except for the dirty part (well, who really knows, I guess we can all dream can’t we?), they did have to pile on top of each other with a bottle of whiskey (the words of George himself). On with the story then.

I’ve submitted this in three different parts at beatlesslash, but ‘im just combining them all into one to post them here at johnheartpaul


The Psychadelic Breakfast

The Psychedelic Breakfast

Title: The Psychedelic Breakfast
Pairing: Syd Barrett/Roger Waters, mention Roger/David
Rating: NC-17, mention of sex and drug use.
Slash: yes
Description: my first Pink Floyd slash, just a quick little bit, I haven’t written slash in months, so this’ll give me a bit of a jump start.

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